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Greetings Jan
you did not say if you were looking for solar electric power or solar water heating.
but for water heating you could try http://homepages.nsys.by/ecology/buidung/building.html
A project by Yevgeny Shirokov, Chairman of Belarusian Division of International Academy of Ecology
This project used a solar water heating design that cost $30 per house.

or there is Solar Energy International http://www.solarenergy.org/
I'm not sure if this is what u r looking for, if not just disregard it.

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dear reader(s),

would anyone know where to find down-to-earth information on solar energy systems. I have found tons of information on
theory, need and even costs but no real hands-on stuff.
I want to implement in houses to be constructed (partly SB) in Portugal. Would there be a service to come up with a
custumized solution per house (depending on location, dimensions, use... and so on)?
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