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Dear Linda,
The cost with many strawbale buildings is hard to assess as a lot of strawbale buildings are built using found , scrounged or recycled materials with much or all of the labour being provided by friends, family, volunteers and self, this obviously will result in cheaper build costs.
I know of one house that cost approximately £5000 pounds to build!
for a write up on this check out:- www.strawbalebuildingassociation.org.uk/news12.html
and look at the article by Paul Jennings from the Sustianable Lifestyles Co-operative, about halfway down the page.
This is the cheapest, habitable house I know of, so the bottom line is from £5000 upwards.
A guy in Cornwall, called Luke New, built for around £150,000 and he still used a lot of timber he rescued from the beach after the freighter-Kodima, sank of the coast last january.
I hope this helps
Kind regards

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  I am final year quantity surveying student writing a dissertation on strawbale houses. I am finding it extremely difficult to get any information in relation to the actual cost of constructing a strawbale house and was wondering if anyone has a matrix of costs? All information will be treated with strict confidence.
  Yours faithfully,
  Linda Healy
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