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We've used pottassium silicate over limeplaster on our house and are
very pleased with the results.

www.keimpaints.co.uk  - its very hard wearing, but it aint cheap !!

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Hello straw bale friends,,,,,,,,,,

I read some message about potassium silicate.( It is the same as sodium
silicate= chemical name) It was used in the old days also and most known
as an egg preservant. More chemical explanation a can be done but
basically it hardens a surface as long as it has a porous nature or it
will form a layer on top. For the example of eggs, it closes the pores
and by preventing oxygen to enter preserves the freshness of the
It has also in my experience a oxidizing effect on wood, giving hard
woods an older appearance.  It dulls though the effect of reflection of
wood itself and is therefore in my opinion not so good aesthetically. If
applied thick or in more layers it will form a hard coat that is water
proof and very wear resistant. It is alkali. Probably  it could be good
as a binder and a natural water repellent, if not used too strong and in
little amounts, well diluted.
Hopefully we will get some more information via this mailing list,

Greetings from the sunny side of the Alps,

Michel Van Mulders

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