[Strawbale] small house workshop

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Mon Jun 30 23:32:30 CEST 2003

Something wrong in the strawbale community? Are you still there?
Long time no mail! OK, lets ring the bell.
There will be a "loadbearing" workshop from the 29th of August to the
7th of September close to the Dutch border in Germany 50 km west of
Düsseldorf and 50 km east of Eindhoven.
Small structure, garden house. 16 m2. Nothing spectacular. Lime plaster.
Probably a stamped earth floor. Low budget!
Further information at Sualmana Permaculture Gardens,
Margit and Harald Wedig:
avantgarden at wxs...
Cheers, Harald

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