[Strawbale] Load Bearing Multi-storey Straw Bale Tower House Castle

Stewart Hargrave Stewart at Hargrave....uk
Tue Jul 29 23:29:15 CEST 2003


It all sounds immensely exciting. I was staying in a tower house near Castle 
Douglas a while ago, a little south of you. One day, when I have figured out how 
to finance it, I'm going to buy an acre or two of Scotland, with the intention of 
putting a straw house on it. From what I read, strawbales seem to inspire exciting 
plans. If ever you get your scheme ...err...off the ground... I would be seriously 
interested in finding out more, monitoring it's progress, maybe even coming to 
help if you need volunteers.

I have, as yet, absolutely no experience of straw bale building, other than a lot of 
reading and web-surfing. But I do know my way around building structures pretty 
well, working in building maintenance.

I'm sure you'll get lots of people telling you why you shouldn't do this elsewhere, 
so I'll try not to do that, but some aspects of your plan, as I'm sure you realise, 
are going to be particularly challenging.

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