[Strawbale] Load Bearing Multi-storey Straw Bale Tower House Castle

simon b pieman66 at yahoo...
Mon Jul 28 14:29:11 CEST 2003


Your project sounds very exciting, but I have to admit that a lot of the
technical stuff went over my head.

But what I am interested to know is why do you want to build a four
storey building?!

Is it just to see if it can be done, to be the first, because it's
traditional style, or another reason?

When and where are you planning to build it?

Yours curiously,

 --- Chris Mowatt <ChrisMowatt at i12...> wrote: > Four Storey Straw Bale
Tower House Castle at The Free Energy Centre,
> Kildonan Farm, Isle of Arran, Scotland
> Has anyone any experience of building multi storey straw bale
> buildings?
> We want to build a four-storey tower house castle. This would be in the
> style of the traditional Scottish four storey tower house castle. It
> would
> be about twenty metres in height and include a conventional pitched
> roof and
> simulated battlements. The aim is to use load bearing straw bale
> construction methods. We have spoken to the local authority planning
> department and building control and their response was encouraging.
> This idea presents many challenges. There are very few two storey straw
> bale
> houses and, so far as I know, no four storey buildings. Our site at
> Kildonan
> Farm is a very exposed location subject to strong winds, heavy rain and
> extremely variable and unpredictable weather! Not the ideal place for
> construction of a straw bale building! However, challenges are what
> makes
> life interesting and to succeed would be very noteworthy.

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