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Coralie and I have joined a BWB workshop at the Black Range in 2001 and highly recommend participating. Lots of stuff to learn and great people to connect with. It was an excelent starting point for our SB tour.

Bale on,

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  Natural Building Colloquium -- 2003
  October 5 through 11, 2003
  The Black Range Lodge, Kingston, New Mexico

  For Builders, Designers, Architects, Owner/Builders, Educators and anyone with a concern for our earth and the desire to create a sustainable built environment.

  The Colloquium:
  The Natural Building Colloquium is a gathering for those who share a concern for our earth, through creating sustainable shelter and empowering people to live within their personal and planetary means. You are invited to seven days of hands-on workshops, presentations and discussions exploring the renaissance of traditional natural building techniques and modern innovations. 

  Topics Include:
  · Straw-bale construction
  · Cob building and sculpting
  · Adobe
  · Natural plasters
  · Healthy home materials
  · Organic architecture
  · Solar design
  · Earthbag construction
  · Natural waste-water systems
  · Rain water harvesting systems
  · Timber framing
  · Bamboo
  · Papercrete
  · Permaculture
  · Photovoltaic systems
  · And more!

  Presenters will include Ianto Evans & Linda Smiley of the Cob Cottage Company, Carol Escott & Steve Kemble of Sustainable Systems Support, Kaki Hunter & Doni Kiffmeyer of OKOKOK Productions, Kelly Hart of Hartworks, Carole Crews of Gourmet Adobe, Paul Koppana of SkyHawk Construction, Owen Geiger of Builders Without Borders, Michael Melendrez of Trees that Please, Dr. Bill Roley, Tom Watson, Janine Bjornson, Brad Landcaster, Johnny Weiss & a Solar Energy International (SEI) team, and many more.

  The Site:
  The historic Black Range Lodge has hosted four previous Natural Building Colloquia, and has evolved into a center for sustainable design, demonstration and outreach. The Lodge has been the home to The Last Straw Journal from 1998 to 2003, and to Builders Without Borders since 1999.

  Surrounded by the Black Range mountains and the Gila National Forest, the Lodge property features a number of natural buildings, including a straw-bale dome and greenhouse, a sculptured cob oven, "Casa Chica," a hybrid cottage, and a luxury straw-bale guest house.

  Sunday, Oct 5 Arrivals / 3 PM concert featuring Frank Meyer
  Mon - Sat, Oct 6 through 11 -- Morning & afternoon workshops, discussions and presentations; evening slide shows.
  Oct 11- evening Talent Show & Party
  Oct 12 -- Departures / 3 PM concert featuring Tim Wiedenkeller
  ** A Daily Schedule of workshops and presentations will be available on arrival at the Colloquium.

  Free camping is within walking distance in the Gila National Forest. 
  Motel accommodations are a 12 minute drive away in historic Hillsboro.

  Included in the Colloquium fee are delicious vegetarian meals (vegan available).

  Albuquerque is the nearest major airport, about a 3 hour drive. We will make an effort to help arrange car-pooling from the airport.

  $350 (before Sept.1st) includes complete program and meals. 
  $100 for Presenters.
  To keep costs down, Participants and Presenters are asked to help prepare 2 meals and clean up after 2 meals during the 7-day event. 

  After Sept 1st the fee is $450. 

  · The cost is low to encourage early registration. 
  · Checks or money orders only (no credit cards).
  · Participation is limited, register early.

  To Register: Please send your registration fee with the form below to:
  The Black Range Lodge
  Star Rt. 2, Box 119, Kingston, NM 88042
  Phone: (505) 895-5652 Fax: (505) 895-3326
  Email: blackrange at zianet... 
  Web Sites: www.BlackRangeLodge.com / www.StrawbaleCentral.com

  You will be sent or emailed confirmation of registration and a map by mid September. 

  If you'd like to make a presentation, email or fax an outline of your topic and we'll respond.

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