[Strawbale] Mail ettiquette

Jan Hollan jhollan at amper....muni.cz
Fri Jan 31 17:21:23 CET 2003

> Dear users,
> I would kindly like to request you to selectively quote and post ascii only
> mailings to the list.

I agree very much with the Rene's wishes and thank him for the advice how
to guarantee it in M$Outlook (I couldn't give the advice myself, using
just linux).

> Selectively quote

yes please, it helps everybody!

The e-mail being answered is accessible to the whole world anyway.  If
somebody wants to read it, the short address of the master archive is

and even the html-spoiled messages are visible OK in
the alternative archives updated just after midnight
  (http://amper.ped.muni.cz/strawbale/a , for going directly there)
 as well as the (should be very rare!) messages with useful attachments

(in fact, I use an even shorter command
  lynx amper/strawbale
 having a line saying   amper.ped.muni.cz       amper
 within the /etc/hosts  file )

Rene's letter pointed me at the cause of mailman's not intercepting the
``subscribe'' commands send erroneously to the list itself instead to the
 strawbale-request at amper....muni.cz

I was unhappy by so many messages coming to the list and just wondered why
mailman does not behave as it should. Today I realized that having a lot
of garbage (html markup) in the message body, it thinks there exists some
real message in spite of the suspicious subject... I've solved it now by
redirecting all such emails to the -request (in the procmailrc file for
the lists). The new M$-dependent users may not know the Rene's advice.

Two kinds of postings are redirected now to strawbale-request: those with
subject ``subscribe'' and those with no subject. These are often
administrative demands; if not, then the sender should give some subject
to make the message useful in the archives. It happens in a hurry that I
press ctrl-x before filling in some suitable Subject to what I have just
written... this way I'll get a chance to repair it.

sorry for administrative topics,

 another change concerns the markup of suspicious messages with
spamassassin score at least 3.0: they are sent to admin (Simon) with the
coresponding info on the problem (it was missing sometimes until now). He
can change them a bit, to get a lower score, and fw to the list itself.
The 3.0 level is rather low (was 4.0 until today), but it should help
preventing spam.

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