[Strawbale] Re: waterproofing the bathroom (Huff & Puff Construction)

Rene Dalmeijer rened at cistron...
Mon Jan 27 11:54:27 CET 2003


> That's what we do down under on straw bale walls.  I agree with Andre that
> if possible keep water away from the straw bale walls but for me I wanted
> test the concept out.  Not finished as yet but the ones that we have done
> for our clients are working very well.

I am quite happy with the cosntruction you described and I saw at Jack's
Flat. The only small concern I have is what happens to the joints if the
structure settels a little bit.

Is this also in moist conditions like we have here with weeks of drizzeling

BTW if somebody is interrested in the Tadelakt shower picture as made by
Herbert Schuurink I can send it to you directly. I was very impressed with
the finish and it seems an elegant and appropriate way to finish earth clay
walls in wet areas.

Rene Dalmeijer

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