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Fri Jan 24 20:55:07 CET 2003

G ' day Euro balers

Huff 'n' Puff here.  Re waterproofing bathroom walls and floors.  We have to
legally water proof all walls and floors straw bale or not.

The way I am doing it is to build a timber stud wall up against my load
bearing straw bale wall.  The 4x2 studs are set 600mm apart with noggins
every 600mm on the vertical.  We then render in between the stud walls onto
the straw with clay to 50mm thick.  I then put a final coat of lime putty
over the clay.

Now we are ready to attach the fibro cement sheets which the code requires.
These fibro sheets are waterproof except at the joints.  The joints are then
sealed with a propriety water proof sealer usually a fibre glass compound.

The joints between the walls and the bathroom floors are also sealed,
starting with a 100m x 100 mm plastic angle.  The joints on the floor are
also sealed with fibre glass etc.

The walls and the floors are then usually tiled.

That's what we do down under on straw bale walls.  I agree with Andre that
if possible keep water away from the straw bale walls but for me I wanted to
test the concept out.  Not finished as yet but the ones that we have done
for our clients are working very well.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027

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