[Strawbale] Investment Opportunity - Landfill Leak Detection, Repair, and Gas Recovery

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Windows ?
Windows players ?
Internet Explorer ?

Who still uses that ? These are things that don't work, are not
If your stuff is only as good as MS.... Ajajaj !

And I'd certainly not cry out as superurgent...
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On 2003-01-13 11:23, "Enstech Inc." <info at landfill...> wrote:

> Environmental technology for our future.
> Seeking a working partner in Australia
> for a new landfill technology.
> RE: Licensing or sale of the Enstech landfill system, within Australia.
> Dear Australia,
> Enstech Inc. has just received full patent coverage on the continent of
> Australia, and is offering this technology for licensing or sale. The Enstech
> system will be the future of safer landfill containments around the world.
> This claim is supported by our engineer reports, which can be seen at our
> website. 
> The Enstech system has no competitors in its advancement into the landfill
> industry. Only the Enstech system can pinpoint, contain and remove the gases
> and leachates that have penetrated through the primary barrier liner of a
> landfill cell. 
> The Enstech level #1 system can be seen at our website. It is presented in
> Windows Media Video format. The presentation is best viewed on a high-speed
> Internet connection, such as a DSL line, and all of the software needed to
> view the movie is provided at our website. When you enter our website, it will
> take you directly to our presentation, which may require a few seconds to
> load. If the presentation does not play when you enter our website, go to the
> troubleshooting link and install the fixes.
> At the present time, all forms of investment and licensing opportunities are
> open for negotiation. All proposals will be taken into consideration by
> Enstech and will be responded to in kind. If you are aware of someone other
> than yourself that may be interested in this investment opportunity, please
> forward this letter along.              
> The future of our environment depends on the advancement of our technologies,
> and the Enstech system will be an important part of that future. Please review
> this technology at our website, www.landfill.us <http://www.landfill.us/>  .
> Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
> Thank you,
> Burt Hampton, c.e.o.
> Enstech Inc.
> P.O.Box 1557
> Magnolia, AR 71753
> (870)234-1421
> fax: (870)234-6224
> burt at landfill...

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