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I suppose it would but I am not aware of any musically inclined SB 
Europeans or even contacts. I have also lost track with my musical 
contacts. If anybody knows some please. I wouldn't mind having one of those 
mind boggling Fez nos vocal acts on the CD. How about it André, Pascal?

At 09:00 PM 2/27/03, you wrote:
>Would it be feasible for you to organise a Euro-pee'in musical gathering 
>to coincide with the one in the US SW ?
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>Robert W. Tom
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>>From: "Rene Dalmeijer" <rened at cistron...>
>>Snorin Bill,
>>I suggest you get into contact with Bill Steen, Norm Ballinger, Frank Meyer
>>(who has email address for Norm?) and.. see what you can work out together.
>>At present I have very little to contribute myself but I do have the
>>suggestion that it is the cross cultural eglectic mix that you suggest. The
>>assembly of which I have the impression you are capable of. I liked the
>>first CD just because of the mix. Presently I am listening to Nguyên Lê
>>paying a tribute to Jimi Hendrix after that Franco from Zaire ok they both
>>play guitar but that is about it. It dosn't have to be SB grass roots I
>>wouldn't mid a bit of INXS either talk to John Glassford about this.
>>I wouldn't mind coming down to Tucson myself. I did a bit of mixing and
>>production a long time ago. I am not a musician just love listening to
>>'good' music.
>>Keep me posted
>>Rene Dalmeijer
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