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At 09:59 AM 2/12/03 +0000, Chug wrote:
>Greetings baleheads,
>Thanks for the responses to my last post about strawbale walls, BUT what I
>should have said was,  Does anyone have any deatails for Garden walls?

Hi Chug --

There is actually a self-published how-to booklet developed by a Tucson 
builder, called "How To Build Landscape and Privacy Walls."   It includes 
the Tucson code for building these types of walls.  It is thorough, but 
several years old, and some of its recommendations might be said to be 
"overbuilding."   But it is still the only specific resource for these 
walls, so I do carry it -- in fact the author Tim Farrant turned over the 
materials to me, as he is now a buddist living in Hawaii.   You can find it 
on our website at www.strawbalecentral.com

There is also a video I have one copy of.  I decided not to carry the 
video, because -- while much of it is good -- it neglects a proper 
foundation for the wall, and this is too critical an omission in my opinion.

RE -- International Workshops, Builders Without Borders is developing a 
series of low-cost housing workshops in Mexico -- just across the border 
from El Paso, TX -- for this spring.

We also have been in a dialogue with an interesting project developing in 

For more information visit www.BuildersWithoutBorders.org  -- which has 
recently been completely revamped and updated, thanks to our new assistant 
director Owen Geiger.

Catherine Wanek
Adminstrative Coordinator
Builders without Borders

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired
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--President Dwight Eisenhower, 1953 speech

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