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 BRIDGE BUILDING SCHOOL, BUILDING GROUP AND VOLUNTARY PROJECTS .  The Bridge Building School will carry out several building projects in 2003. Since the school's establishment in June 2000 the school has carried out projects in Latvia, Russia and Norway. The following projects are planned for this year: Completion of ecological building in Svetlana Camphill village, Russia. The Building Group at the Bridge Building School, together with volunteer participants will return to Svetlana in the middle of May to complete the Strawbale house. We will stay approximately one month. This will give a good introduction to ecological building techniques. The visit will also give participants a chance to get to know Russian culture. Moving a log house in Vallersund, Trondheim, Norway. Participants are welcome. We will have an introduction to log construction. January/February 2003. Logging shed in log construction with clay plastering in Hogganvik, Haugesund, Norway  An introduction to relevant techniques.  February/March, 2003. Clay floor for Strawbale house at Solborg, Jevnaker, Norway. One week at the beginning of April, 2003.
 If you are interested in participating as a volunteer on one of our projects, please contact us!  At the Bridge Building School our education is based largely on practical, craft based and workable learning methods, while at the same time we strive towards a further and deeper understanding based on holistic ideas. Using anthroposophy and ecology as tools we will try to arrive at a holistic understanding, and heal contradictions by building bridges between different realities. The group is competent at all levels of the building process. Our wish is to build healthy houses from renewable natural materials that don't damage the environment or our resource base. Houses that are energy efficient both in construction and use. We seek to develop and teach skills that can cross national and cultural boundaries. We aim eastwards towards the Baltic and Russia, because we see there a need for environmental awareness at the local level. Contact us for consultancy and for completion of projects. Please contact us for more information. 


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