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Andre a_moff at hotmail...
Sat Dec 27 06:18:39 CET 2003


Hi, I got your address from the greenpeace website

I'm sorry if this is not the correct address, please forward this or delete it.

I have started a new , alternative travel website, you should take a look at.
this site is offering free accomodations anywhere in the world.
For more information go to WWW.TRAVELROOMERS.COM 
Get ready to pack your backpack for the adventure of a lifetime. 
What ? not enough money 
Well, Travelroomers is offering free accommodations anywhere in the world. 
We are looking for travelers , and hosts to provide accommodations. 
As a Travelroomer traveler you can take advantage of free accommodations wherever there are Travelroomer Hosts. Travel the globe with a small budget and meet locals everywhere you go. 
As a Travelroomer host you explore different cultures without leaving your home. Backpackers usually are rich in stories of past adventures and are happy to share them with anyone interested. 
For more information go to WWW.TRAVELROOMERS.COM 
if you want to be taken off the mailing lost , please write an e-mail to info at travelroomers...

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