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Wed Aug 20 11:36:57 CEST 2003

Dear strawbale-fans,

I'm a new subscriber and 'd like to introduce myself and my company a little
bit. Up till now I only read and heard about strawbale-building, I didn't
practice yet. But I'm enthusiastic and 'd like to contribute to strawbale
building projects, esp. in Western & Middle / Central Europe and Africa.
My own specialization is deconstruction and re-use of all kinds of building
components like doors, window frames, kitchens, sanitary & heating
equipment, roof tiles, wood etc.
I'd like to develop / build several strawbale houses in Europe made out of:
- strawbales (off course)
- wood (hybrid construction), partly used, partly new
- maximum use of all kinds of used building components from my own stock
- "stones" from dried clay-containing soil
- use of some new materials will be unavoidable, like tiles, isolation,
electrical wiring, tubes, calcplaster.

Anyhow, a house like this 'll be:
- very cheap
- very ecologically
- easy to build yourself (with a sound training course in advance).

If you are interested in participating in / contributing to such projects
(anywhere in Europe or Africa), where the combination is being made between
strawbales & used building components, please do react.

To have some impression about my deconstruction company, you can visit the
website: http://www.bouwcarrousel.nl

If you do have any questions or remarks, feel wellcome to ask!

I do hope to hear from you, and to contribute to a higher use of strawbales
as a building material,

kind regards

Rob Gort

Bouwcarrousel BV -
deconstruction, sustainable buildingprojects with used building components,
trade in used building products

Julianastraat 24
2751 GD Moerkapelle
The Netherlands
info at bouwcarrousel...
tel. + 31 (0)79-5933434
fax + 31 (0)79-5933435

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