[Strawbale] Round Homes

Rene Dalmeijer rened at cistron...
Thu Apr 10 12:54:32 CEST 2003


I forwarded your mail to Barbara Jones most probably the person with the 
most experience in building round SB homes. As Barbara is located in the UK 
and persists in building in the wettest locations in the UK she has the 
experience you need. This is a link to her web-site. 

At 07:36 AM 4/10/03, you wrote:
>It appears that at least 1 or 2 of you have built a round structure. =
>This is of huge interest to me as there's really not much information =
>out there on anything other than square or rectangular. I've found Rob =
>Roy's books wonderfully informative as to structure (round) but was =
>underwhelmed by the medium (cordwood). So I was thinking it might be =
>possible to take some of his ideas (floating slab, "wagon wheel" rafter =
>system, living roof) and modify it slightly to work with straw bale (far =
>more attractive, IMHO). I would be delighted to hear from any of you who =
>have input. For what it's worth, I'm thinking of a "very" small house, =
>approx 20' inside diameter, single storey, and will be building either =
>on Northern Vancouver Island or in the Maritimes. Either way, it'll be a =
>wet climate.

Rene Dalmeijer

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