[Strawbale] Slides for an exhibition

martin martin.st at siebenlinden...
Fri Apr 4 09:01:50 CEST 2003

Dear SB-Friends

we are preparing an exhibition in Ökodorf Siebenlinden about Strawbale
construction, that will be shown during a longer period to a wide
range of guests, that visit our ecovillage.
But we still need a few slides of the most interesting new
strawbale-constructions/houses in Europe. If anyone of you has one or
two slides (not more!), that give a good information and that we could
present, could you please send them as original (if you don't need it
back) or a copy to us? With any slide we would need some words about
what they are showing.
Small expenses for postage or copying can be payed by us.
My adress:

Martin Stengel
Sieben Linden
38486 Poppau

Thank you very much, Martin

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