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This is to let you know about a residential weekend course that may be of interest to you. 
Course Title: Self-build solar hot water
Date: 22-24 November
Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire
Cost: £1,450. All meals and accommodation included
Course Details:

This course comprises the cheapest way to install a quality solar hot water system.
You will leave with a complete system that you have constructed yourself, plus a detailed manual on the system's construction and installation.
Our system is an 'indirect' one, so there will be no problems with limescale build up.
Currently, the typical cost of a solar hot water installation is between £2,600 and £8,000, so this course offers a considerable saving.
If you are reasonably confident with basic plumbing and roofing you can install yourself, using the manual as a guide (we will also offer advice), or you can get a plumber to install and still save money.
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Please visit our website (see below) for more information about LILI, and contact us if you are interested in this or any other courses, or if you do not wish to receive any more information.


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