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At 07:36 AM 9/28/02, you wrote:
>we'd already figured out something like that. Question is more if there 
>should be a
>special construction for the benefit of cleaning and so on. When I was 
>helping to shave
>the bales in nice roundings between two big door holes, nobody seemed to 
>about lining it with the concrete. I just discussed the matter with the 
>architect a few
>weeks ago, and it seemed important enough to be carefull wether the 4cm 
>rests on the fundament. And not only to carry the wall, but also for 
>losing water in the
>right way, preventing it to flush away the clay. It would be a little more 
>efford to
>construct something for the bales to stand on, which could be 15 cm or 
>more higher
>than the floor itself. But maybe that could be a wrong idea for other 
>reasons. So.....?

I don't quite understand the above but I Suppose you have 2 questions. 
Lining door openings and other areas that could be prone to mechanical 
damage and the reasons for a toe up.

Regarding the first question. I would suggest lime stucco for wall areas 
that could come into rubbing contact with the animals. I doubt very much 
that clay stucco would survive regular rubbing. You would need some wooden 
protection for areas that could endure kicks or regular hard knocks. I 
suggest you build and place the required protection in the most obvious 
areas and then add protection where necessary. You could have clay stucco 
on the exterior walls if they are not going to be exposed to mechanical damage.

Regarding the toe up. There are 2 main reasons for a toe up. The first is 
to prevent ground water siphoning up into the exterior stucco. Stucco 
should never continue  up to ground level it should stop a sufficient 
distance above the ground. The height required depends on rain splash. 
Higher is better but I suppose less then 50mm is insufficient and more then 
200mm is excessive. But again this depends on the amount of expected rain 
splash. Ie big roof overhangs less rain splash etc. The requirement for a 
toe up raising the bales above the interior floor surface is for washing 
and cleaning purposes.  You can use you digression here again I think the 
same values apply 50mm is not enough and more then 200mm is becoming excessive.

>And Renee,
>Who should Pascal Thepaut be? Can I find his whereabouts in a earlyer digest ?

I have cc him on the e-mail. He is a fore runner for the emergence of SB in 


Rene Dalmeijer

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