[Strawbale] Q: Do you speak with an accent ?

Mark and/or Jan Bigland-Pritchard hyphen at dial....com
Thu Sep 26 20:49:14 CEST 2002

Of course I speak with an accent. Everybody does.  It's just that
they're all different - which makes life more interesting.

But, seriously, are the originators of this piece of pointless marketing
actually telling the truth when they say:

>  Andy Krieger Inc, never sends unsolicited email. No More Accent has been
>  given the right to market to you through our Web site partners and their
>  privacy policies.
>  Specifically, you are receiving this correspondence because you have
>  provided permission (via your registration and acceptance of the privacy
>  policies for a newsletter, contest, web-based service or other activity
>  on the web) to receive recurring promotions or offers from various third
>  parties.
>  If you feel that you are receiving this email in error or would like to
>  opt-out of receiving future offers please click email us at
>  unsubscribe at nomoreaccent...
>         ...- Copyright © 2002 Andy Krieger Inc, All rights reserved -

If so, why has the strawbale list permitted them on.
And if not, can they (and all other junk mailers) be requested to stop
spamming us please.


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