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Amigos, amigas!

Andre/Chug: I like the suggestion to cooperate in some activity in Italy.
Here my story, what's yours? If it comes to specifics, lets discuss it

If the potential site is as promising as it seems to be, I will apply for a
building permit. I don't know how long this will take in Berlusconis
country. Maybe rather quick if his tv  company will be involved.

As far as I know there is no official sb-construction in Italy so far. About
in 1997-98 friends from Rotterdam who once joined the workshop in Swalmen
(Harald Wedig + me) built a beautiful metamorph art structure near a lake in
Umbria. Art does not need a building permit, don't it?

End of October I hope to be able to tell you if this project is going to be
realised and hopefully when. It will be on a large rural site (a ruine of a
farmhouse, a sheep stable, a well and no electricity). If it will be
realised, we will offer a workshop. There are already 2 persons interested,
which live nearby. If it comes to the preparations I will contact a school
of architecture in Northern Italy to offer theoretical and practical
experience. We will see.

The potential site is situated near Ceva, about an hour driving to the hills
north from Savona at the coast of North-West Italy. A friend of us has
settled nearby recently.

All that implies a dance between sb-activities inThe Netherlands and

Ciao, Martin

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  Hi Chug and Martin,

  I have a contact in Italy that would love to do some SB too. Maybe(!) a
workshop will come about.

  Maybe we can put our contacts in contact with each other?

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    Greetings bale believers,
    I have recieved a request for information about strawbale building in
Italy, does anyone know of or have any contact details for Italian
    Regards Chug.

    P.S. Keep spreading the word!

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