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Sat Sep 21 12:20:45 CEST 2002

Dear Harald - and all of you.

Yesterday a symposium on renewable building resources at the straw-bale
congres hall took place. You did not miss much, as there was not much
visable power for break throughs and there where 20 minutes time to reflect
on straw for professional applications. Along the last idea during the Dutch
gathering in Middleharnis to proceed the Dutch network within a VIBA working
groep, VIBA will invite for a meeting during the last quarter of this year.

A manufacturer of wool insulation informed on the properties of their
product (for application similar to rock-wool):

firetest: BA / DIN 4102
moisture: capability of absorbing 33% water
thermal: just saying 2 times better than traditional isolation material

They don't use borax, just salts.

price: higher than rockwool

address: www.Doscha.nl

Together with Raab Kaercher they developed "ceiling"-plate based on woo
"Kairatin"l: which intends to absorb aldehydes in sick buildings.... (better
build wiht straw)

Interesting is their test that reduces 300 ppm formaldehyde (deadly) back to
0,05 ppm within 24 hours.

I guess this is an inherent property of wool, nicely offered in their
product. More information: www.Kairatin.nl

All the best, Martin
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