[Strawbale] Strawbale roof insulation

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Wed Sep 18 20:36:29 CEST 2002

Hello Jan,

Jan:  maybe a pre-test could be done in
> amateur conditions, before a test in a certified laboratory would be paid
> for. I am sure that some union of shepherds would be able to pay for it,
> even here in Czechia.

We took 10 : 1 ratio of sheepwool to dry borax. The borax had a
wholesale price of 1 Euro/ kg the sheepwool cost us 25 Cent/kg.
Total cost for a 15 m2 studio with a 15 cm roof insulation thickness:
200 kg wool : 50 Euro
20 kg borax: 20 Euro 

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