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Hello Maren
I am back in Norway again, to day, and there I find the letter / e-mail from you. Thank you very much. I see that you did send it one month ago. I cannot understand that I did not get the message in Spain. I opened up all messages I got in the periode I was there. 

But it does not matter. I am really glad that you would try to get the right adress for me. We will rent the same house in Aiguas near to Alicante, that we have been renting this year, from february to august 2003 (maybe more). I dont know when I will be there, exactly, but I will be there, and will be glad to take contact with both architekt and owner, when possible.

So I will be glad hearing from you again. by the way- where are you living?

friendly regards,
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  Hi Alice, 

  the house is in Fleix, Alicante. I'll contact with the Architect (Iñaki Urquia), if possible and I'll write you where the house is exactly.

  Greetings from the Costa Brava,


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  >I am going to Spain- to Alicante- this week (leaving on the 9.of august) 
  >I just remember that some one ( Rickie?) told about a straw bale house in Alicante. Can somebody help me with the adress ? - or other contacts in the surrounding round Alicante ? 
  >Friendly summer regards, 

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