Odp: [Strawbale] FW: straw and clay house....

Marcin Żytomirski mzytomir at wp...
Fri Sep 6 15:28:40 CEST 2002

Hello Herwig,

Is your invitation to Rotselaar still up-to-date and opened for everybody? I
have become a SB fan recently and I would like to take a part in the
construction of such a house. With a friend we are hesitating whether not to
visit your site.
Could you describe the present situation on the site and your plans for next
two weeks? - I could come for several days, so I'd like to pick the right
time to see as much as possible and to help you most efficiently.
And what about the accommodation? Should I have a tent? Something else?
Marcin Zytomirski
Warszawa, Poland

mzytomirski at wp...

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