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Sat Nov 30 12:32:17 CET 2002

Hi Harald,

On 29-11-2002 19:12, "Harald und Margit Wedig" <avantgarden at wxs...> wrote:

> Well Sven, you are right. Plenty of rocks on Cyprus. Pretty heavy stuff
> though.

Labour intensive ... Yes, but it is a natural material that people can
gather themselves...it's free available.

> They also have strawbales. As well in the greek as in the turkish part.

Yes, but in abundance to make complete houses with them ? Or to continue the
stone first 1,5 meter of a house ?

> Makes working a lot easier, women and children can be involed in the
> building process, remember?

I don't see why that wouldn't be the case in the stone scenario.

> And then: it does make a difference if during an earthquake a bale comes
> down on you instead of a rock.

1. Well, that for sure is a point... But you'll agree that the well
constructed houses - even after hundreds of years - still are there... They
can absorb the shock.  The craftsmen and sensible architects such as
Anastasia Pitta 
a.pitta at cytanet....cy
know how to make roofs - not out of stone - that don't harm in case of such
Anastasia is f.e. an architect who has been collecting data on old houses
that did survive the ages, mapping, inventarising old building techniques,
why certain things didn't collapse, why others did, studying mortar/adobe
mixtures that resist extreme temperature differences.  I think it enriches
the pallet people can use in a building project... That is the real
additional value of true architect.
There is a new breed of architects.

Besides that I think a quality issue in a house is... How much are the
running costs of a house and can it be repaired by its inhabitants ?

> Cheers, Harald

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