[Strawbale] straw bale in Cyprus

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Fri Nov 29 17:16:28 CET 2002

SB building is only sustainable where there is straw available.
In Cyprus rocks are readily available.

To learn how people build sustainable in Cyprus, visit the mountain village
restored by the United Nations. And find a good guide who can explain you
about the special mixtures they used as concrete: a mix of adobe with
oilseeds to withstand the extreme differences in temperatures.

I'm sure you'll find a link somewhere.

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On 29-11-2002 09:35, "˜ÓÈ" <shami63 at zahav....il> wrote:

> Dear people at European Straw Bale list,
> My name is Shami and I am very interested in straw bale building. I am planing
> a visit to Cyprus, and I am wondering if anyone has build with sb in Cyprus??
> Do you know??
> Any help will be greatlly appreciated,
> Best wishes,
> Shami

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