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Greetings Bale believers,
can anyone help? I have seen a picture on a website somewhere of a homemade
baling box with a long arm which people hung on to comprees the straw into
bales, but I cannot seem to remember or find the site where I saw this.
Regards Chug.
P.S Keep spreading the word!

chug at strawbale-building....uk

Hello Chug,

I happened to see that picture too, only two days ago at a straw bale
builders' meeting at Cai's and Jolien's place in Amsterdam. André de Bouter
showed a lot of slides from all over the world at that occasion. A number of
them were about a project somewhere in India, where till then the straw bale
was an unknown phenomenom. André built a hand-and-foot powered straw bale
press that finally produced fine bales. André figured out that hanging
people to a long arm in order to compress the bales did not lead to a better
bale quality than compressing the straw by feet. That's all I know about it.
For more information you'd better contact André himself: m.ep at laposte...
Perhaps you'll find more at his beautiful website,


Han van Drunen

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