[Strawbale] Bolivian Kids need help?

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On 03-11-2002 14:09, "chug." <chug at strawbale-building....uk> wrote:

> Greeetings Baleheads,
> I recieved this request below, for help from Bolivia, please if you feel you
> can help,
> reply direct to Caoimhin Mcsuili and Hannah Reed at.   suili73 at yahoo...
> Regards Chug.
> P.S. Keep spreading the word!
> Dear straw balers,
> A big hello from Bolivia and also a favour to ask, my
> name is Caoimhin Mc Suili and together with Hannah
> Reed we work for an Irish Charity based in Derry City
> called L.A.S.C.O. (Latin American Street Childrens
> Organisation.) At the moment we are working with
> street children in Cochabamba one of the major cities
> in this country.  Our work consists of giving
> friendship and solidarity to these kids whilst helping
> them with motivational workshops on the streets,
> dealing with issues such as drug addiction, violence,
> and homelessness, helping with medical problems and
> generally supporting the kids in their everyday lives.
> At the moment one of the biggest problems facing
> these children is that if they choose to change their
> lives and leave the streets there is very little out
> there to support them. For this reason we have decided
> to create a different type of environment where they
> can go to be supported and assisted in overcomming
> physical and psychological problems, a safe
> environment where they can develop without the
> restrictions of an institutionalised mindset.
> We are at the first stages of this project and at
> the moment we are looking for the appropriate site to
> build on.  As part of this project we intennd to build
> at least twenty structures which will be straw bale,
> :A montessori school
> :A community centre
> :Workshops for remnewable enegy technologies
> :Store rooms
> :A structure that will hold batteries and solar power
> units
> :Living quarters.
> This project will be entirely ecologically friendly
> from the type of buildings and energy used to the
> recycling of water and organic agriculture.
> I must stress that at the momenmt we are at the
> first stages and are seeking funding for this project.
> The reason for choosing straw bale as the material
> for building is that there is an abundance of straw
> here and it will benefit both the rural and urban
> communities as a cheaper and less labour intensive
> form of construction.  The added benefit being that
> the street children can be empowered by building there
> own homes alongside the community who will also be
> involved from the beginning. This shold help to lessen
> the divide that exists between the two whilst helping
> the kids reintegrate into the local community.
> And now for the favor, at this stage we are trying
> to contact groups who may have an interest in this
> project and its development. I would greatly
> appreciate any contacts or ideas you might have.
> I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all
> the success in the world with your work,
> all the best,
> Caoimhin Mc SuilI and Hannah Reed.
> Latin American Street Childrens Organisation.
> Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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