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Dear Chiara and other volunteers,

We are building an information center for Ecological habitat out of Straw Bales. "La Maison en Paille"

Volunteers are welcome during certain parts of the year, we ask 10? per day for food etc. Camping facillities are present on our land.
We are in the Cognac region,France,  just above Bordeaux and we can pick you up from the train.

I know some people feel that volunteers should not have to pay for food etc. And I agree, if the work is 'just' work, like picking melons. 
We invest our time and the volunteer gets an informal 'training'. Of course there is time to enjoy the nature and culture arround us.

Check out our website if you like.


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  Hi my name is chiara i am a trainee plumber from London UK. I would like to help with any plumbing or other building work in any selfbuild projects to gain experience. I am happy to travel overseas. I am available in may/june 2002.
  Please contact me if you know of any projects looking for volunteers.
  regards chiara

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