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Greetings Erica, 
                       The people you need to talk to are Andre and Coralie who are based in France and have their own Strawbale Building and also host their own website for Strawbale building contact them at  la-maison-en-paille.com at laposte... 
or check out the website at  http://wwwla-maison-en-paille.com
Regards Chris(Chug)Tugby
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  I am a new little piglet,wanting to build my house in straw-bale.I will not do the building myself, but I found a guy who will do it for me (I am a 60 years old woman,after all....) I need all possible  informations, experiences, encouragment, what to do, what not to do, etc. I am going to build in the South of France, near the Ardèche.
  Hallo? is anybody there????
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