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Hello Judith - Yes there are courses this summer, and I'll attach the latest leaflet (if you want your email details on our data base to receive updated info on new courses/volunteering opportunities/events etc, let us know).
The North Yorks build isn't now due to start until 5th August (and maybe not until 12th).  The uncertainty is waiting for last minute hitches in the insurance for the charity.  There is no charge for the course, and all food and accomodation is provided (but bring a tent if you want privacy).  We are asking everyone to commit to a minimum of 5 days on this course, and it should be very exciting.  It's the first phase of a residential centre for school children to learn about and experience a different way of living - sustainable and natural materials, renewable energy, measuring their own energy consumption, learning to milk sheep and goats, no cars on site..  All the buildings have loadbearing walls and rammed earth car tyre foundations.  
As for your own build, have you had a look at our website (www.strawbalefutures.org.uk).  This has a pdf file which gives a  clear over-view of how to go about selecting what kind of structure you want and how to best design and build it in this climate.  Do have a look at that, or if you've moved to the design stage and want to talk it through with us, feel free to ring us on 01706 814696.  
Are you wanting to build it yourself? If you need volunteers to help you, we could advertise that for you.
And/or do you want us to run it as a course?
Let us know if we can be of any further help, and hopefully we'll meet up with you on a build over the summer.
All best wishes in the meantime.  Bee Rowan

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  Dear Sir/Madam,
  I am trying to find out if there are any courses on house building this summer as
  I have some land and would like to build a small straw bale room .
  If there is any information you can let me have I would be very grateful.
  Yours Sincerely
  Judith Gelpey 
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