[Strawbale] finishing touches

Coralie & Andre de Bouter m.ep at laposte...
Thu Jul 4 22:00:39 CEST 2002

Hi Harald,

Is it the 'famous' GreenWeek house? ;-)

> Feel free to ask if you want to know more.
What recipy do you use for the lime Casiene paint?


> Hello baleheads,
> here is an opportunity to take part in doing the finishing touches on a
> strawbale structure in Germany. Its standing in a wonderful place in the
> mountains, surounded by forest and in a place where people come that
> love to make folk musik, the Burg Waldeck.
> The work will be, finishing the render and to give it a lime caseine
> paint for protection.
> Accomodation will be free (in a holiday house) and the costs for food
> will be shared.
> We´ll start on the 26th of July ansd stop on the 2nd of August.

> Harald Wedig
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