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Thu Jul 4 14:10:54 CEST 2002

Dear Jolien

Great news and we will need to talk via this medium.

I quite agree with you regarding the communication and I am very happy that you
have got going in Holland.  As I am not sure what if any my role in all this is
I am releived to see that you have things in control.  They should in my opinion
remain in your control and with your leadership.

We want to help with whatever may be needed that we can provide.  We have
knowledge and skill and have built many straw bale homes and other buildings
around Australia, maybe the ISBBC 2002 will assist you in your goals, I hope so.

I have a lot to do in Australia least of all with our own Aboriginal people.  I
still feel that we can help in some way.  So let me know what you want from us
in Australia you know that our intentions are honorable and your cause is more
than worthy.

Let me know also if you are coming to the ISBBC 2002 and if MamMa Amelia will be
coming.  If it was possible for both you and Mama Amelia to come along then I
feel that we can achieve an enormous amount.  We are in the process of raising
funds to convene and run the conference.  We hope to raise enough to bring out
some special people to the ISBBC 2002.

Anyway great to hear from you and I await your reply.

Kind John Glassford
61 2 6927 6027
ISBBC 2002:     http://www.csu.edu.au/special/strawbale

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