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Dear Herbert, dear strawbalers
The house you mention is only part strawbale(bedroom walls and one wall in the living room)clad with tin, it was featured on a U.K TV programme called Grand Designs you can find out more at 

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> Dear Chug, dear strawbalers
> Thank you for this surprising website-tipp.
> Here is another web-tipp, a strawbale-house in the city of London (yes, it´s
> true) by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects.
> You can find the links and a pdf-file (for Acrobat Reader) to download here:
> http://www.baubiologie.at/wigglesworth.htm
> Best wishes and a "guter rutsch" for the new year,
> Herbert
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> Seasons Greetings Bale believers,
> I was browsing the web today and returned to a website that I had only
> briefly looked at before.
> http://www.rexresearch.com/airwells/airwells.htm   it's about airwells and
> dew ponds.
> Our interest is in dew ponds, it is relative to us as it uses straw during
> construction,
> I thought it may be of interest to others.
> wishing you all a wonderful New Year.
> Regards 
> Chug.
> P.S Keep spreading the word!
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