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Sorry you weren't able to join us in Australia.  We'll look forward to
seeing you in 2004 in Denmark for the next international SB conference.

If you have information for The Last Straw journal, we're always happy to
hear from you and include as much information about your work and that of
others in Europe as we have space for.  How's the book project progressing?

When the transfer of TLS from its current offices in New Mexico to its new
offices in Nebraska are finalized (as of December 31, 2002), we (Chris
Magwood and I) are planning to institute some changes to make The Last Straw
journal available to people residing outside the USA, such as subscription
rate for an electronic copy of TLS available through the TLS web site, and
discount rate for members of established associations (such as CASBA, MASBA,
SBAT, AUSBALE and others).  Watch the TLS web site (www.strawhomes.com) in
2003 for announcements as well as information in TLS issues throughout 2003.

We're also working on a system to distribute TLS to subscribers in other
countries through arrangements with a copy center/printing company in each
country through which we would print copies for distribution to TLS
subscribers in that country and also are trying to find ways to offer TLS on
magazine racks in stores in each country.

Hope things are going well for you.  Happy Holidays!

Joyce Coppinger
jc10508 at alltel...

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> PS: Will be off to Brittany by now until January 6
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