[Strawbale] How to cover a roof with palmtree-leaf

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Tue Dec 17 09:50:30 CET 2002

Dear Maren,

If palmtree-leafs are used traditionally in your region I would check with the local builders on how to connect the leafs. I'm afraid that the plastic will prevent a decent way to fix the leaves. And I don't really see the point of the plastic as the palm leaves (properly installed) give good protection against the rain.


Hi everybody,
  a friend wants to build a little round house of straw-bale (1 store). The idea is to build the foundations with concrete + stones, than a loadbearing system and the idea was to build a reciprocal roof sitting on the roof-plate. He wanted to cover the beams of the roof with wood, a special impermeable plastic and finally cover all with palmtree-leaf. 

  Hoping you all undestood my "spaninglish": HOW WOULD BE THE BEST SYSTEM TO FIX THE PALMTREE-LEAF TO THE ROOF? You know better options, web's with more information, etc.? We have a very strong wind: 150-180 km/hour sometimes.

  Thank you for your answers,

  Maren Termens, Spain

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