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Hi Rikki,

  I hope all is well with your SB project there? Is the guest house open yet?

  * We are organising 4 workshops this summer ( the 3rd is just finished) but we don't work on the house, nor do the participants sleep in the house.
  It will probably take an other 2 years to finish our 'house' as it is 240m² big.

  If you get any inquiries on the Spanish network you can send them to subscribe at paja at amper....muni.cz or talk to me or Maren (marenbegur at hotmail...) she speaks German and Catalan as well as English and Spanish.

  *Thanks. I subscribed to paja at amper....muni.cz but for some reason it did not work, I'll look into it later on.

  We are hoping to get at Spanish SB website up this fall, but since I have no computer or internet at home, and Maren has no time . . ..  So far things go slow, but we are working at it.  

  * Are you planning a national gathering?
  I plan to make a tour through France, documenting the French SB houses and giving SB presentations (Exposition + slideshow)

  Come and visit whenever you like (but write first, because I am not always there) or call : 657 33 51 62.  

  * Will do.

  Did you know that Tom Rijven came to stay in my village a few days? I learned a lot and I think he had a good time.

  * Tom is a good guy, lots of positive energy and lots of experience.

  Take care, Rikki  

  * You too,

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  Dear Rikki, 
  Congratulations, I hope to come visit one fine day. 
  Thanks for having sent the picture. How about the Spanish SB network? Is it comming along? I get some inquireries every now and again, so I'd like to know what's up in Spain. 
  Good luck and lots of fun finishing. 
  HI Everyone! 
  Open a bottle of champagne! I finnaly have a strawbale house; I still have a lot of work left, but I have already slept and eaten there! 
  T)hanks to all of you who gave me moral support and advice over the web and in Austria (especially:joleen, Tom, Martin, Astrid, Herbert, Lars, Barbara, Bee, and all of those who´se name I can´t remember because of the emotion of having a home!) 
  And those who helped me build: Maren, Mana, Andy, Brin, Alex, David, Iñaki, Joleen, Tom, Celes, Mila, Lidia, Orlando, Pedro, Marisa, Carmen, Raimon, Joan, Antígone, Simon, Roland, Ramon, Gerónimo, . . .) 
  We started building saturday 20 July, and finished the roof thursday 8 August. 
  I have attached a picture of the house in its present state, but be sure that by next year it will be a fairytale home! When I get the fotos of the construction on my web page i will let you all know. 
  love , RIKKI 
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  MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: Click Here

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