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As a proponent of natural homebuilding and straw bale construction, I wanted to let you know of a beautiful straw bale home on 100 acres of land that is for sale in Southeast Iowa.  This is a secluded location with rolling fields, established prairie, gardens and woodlands, and 2 ponds to be 
enjoyed summer and winter.  Many other ideal homesites are located on the property for both on-grid and off-grid construction.  The skies are dark at night and the light show is always fantastic. 

Located just 15 minutes away from a progressive new age town of 10,000, this home offers both complete privacy and access to all of the amenities that you would ever desire.  Both public and private schools are available as well as a thriving home school community.  The town is a Mecca for 
natural foods, holistic healing of all kinds, natural homebuilding, and organic farming.  

This house has been the focus of our love and affection for the past eight years, and we always thought we would grow old here.  Both family and business issues are now pulling us back to North Carolina and the home/property is priced at construction cost.  It is a great opportunity and I ask you 
to take a look at pictures of the property at http://www.heartlandfairfield.com/200000+1.htm.  It's the one with the red roof.

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in living in a wonderful community in a beautiful straw bale home without having to go through the process of building one?  If so, they can receive more information by responding to this email or contacting the realtor at the aforementioned web site.

Thank you,

Edward Babb

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