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Pablo Segundo Garcia pablo2garcia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 13:59:58 CEST 2014


the "open ecology" people there in the US are doing also house
building workshops. And liberating the manuals and machines they use
with open licences so we can all build the machines and reuse them.

Are there people in the list that are doing or planing on using this
machines or are doing their own?

Are there projects of liberating manuals and building techniques for
straw and other natural materials?

I don´t know if this open source ecology project is trying also to use
straw, maybe someone here could offer them some consultancy.

Best whishes


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From: Marcin Jakubowski <marcin en opensourceecology.org>
Date: 2014-07-25 0:01 GMT+02:00
Subject: [Open Manufacturing] MicroHouse Workshop - special invite to
open hardware hackers
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We have our most ambitious open source, code-compliant MicroHouse
build to date - coming up in 2 weeks.


If you are an open source hardware hacker, you are invited for
nearly-free. We are inviting you for $15/day to cover our costs
(normal cost is $100/day). We have 20 people right now participating
in the workshop - but to achieve our epic 5-day build from foundation
to finish - we need to have 44 people total for a real swarm build -
modern barnraising reinvented with open source. It's an immersion
experience - if you are ever planning on building your own house -
you'll see the whole process from start to finish.

Do you want to see our open source tractor, compressed earth brick
press, soil pulverizer, and Power Cube building the open source
MicroHouse? Code compliant at 1/3 the cost of conventional housing -
but using natural local material - dirt?

If you have any open source hardware hacker friends, please feel free
to pass this offer on to them as well. This offer applies only to the
open source community. Help us fill the workshop and participate in
the most epic open source build to date. If we can show that this
works and is replicable, we can have a profound impact on construction
in general - by using open source hardware.

We foresee an enterprise model where the house owner pays for
materials, and fees from the tuition of participants covers the
construction services.  This way, the home owner builds a home at the
cost of materials. This is one example of social production.

(This is the enterprise model that we are developing. To make it a
reality, we are recruiting talented, out-of-box builders to lead our
workshops. We are -SA, so you can use our machine blueprints to go
into business yourself. The Brick Press has digital cut files for the
metal, 3D prints, controller, and the controller box. Our fab
procedures are here, broken down by modules.)

Sign up today. The promo code is Fifteen.


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