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aquí hay información (en inglés, cómo el curso se hace en inglés)  
sobre cursos ofrecidos por Amazon Nails en UK. parece ser que se puede  
pedir becas a través de la Comunidad Europea para asistir.

Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin
Coordinadora de la Red de Construcción con  Paja

casasdepaja en yahoo.es

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> De: bee en amazonails.org.uk
> Fecha: 27 de agosto de 2009 17:47:13 GMT+02:00
> Asunto: <No Subject>
> NEW!  Funded places on amazonails residential courses
> For European Union members (not UK citizens )
> Deadline -  Apply by 15th September
> Please pass this information onto your European networks and friends
> 8 day Strawbale Building ‘Build a mini studio a week’
> ·         20th to 27th February 2010
> ·         17th to 24th April 2010
> 7 day course in ‘Natural Finishes - Clay & Lime Plastering’
> ·       6th – 13th March  2010
> 3 day Moisture & Humidity in strawbale walls
> ·         26th to 28th April 2010
> If you are a trainer, teacher or workshop facilitator in Europe and  
> want to learn about amazonails’ teaching practices as well as our  
> natural building methods, you can apply for European funding for the  
> above new courses.  Funding opportunities exist if you live in a  
> European Union country, outside of the UK . All course costs,  
> travel, accommodation and food will be covered, but you must apply  
> to your own in-country agency by the 15th September.
> To apply, contact the main data base at http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/llp/national_en.html
> and follow the link to your own country agency.  Then give your  
> agency a ring if you have any questions – they are usually pretty  
> helpful and want to assist you in getting funded placements.  Each  
> country agency has slightly different criteria, but they all  
> generally require that you are part of a legitimate group or  
> organisation and are able to provide them with a costs breakdown for  
> (a) the course, (b) accommodation and food, and (c) for travel.  We  
> can give you costs for the course and accommodation, we are just  
> finalising this with the European funding body.
> Although the above courses don’t yet have a database reference  
> number, you can still apply at this stage.   As soon as we have the  
> reference number we will put this up on the website and circulate it  
> around.
> Please let your contacts across Europe know about this great funding  
> opportunity!!
> contact us for details bee en amazonails.org.uk
> see attachment for programme
> amazonails®
> strawbale innovations
> Hope Mill
> Crescent Street
> Todmorden
> OL14 5HA
> Tel: 0 (+44) 845 458 2173
> Fax: 0 (+44) 1706 814696
> www.amazonails.org.uk
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> for the use of the recipient(s) and it may contain information that  
> is confidential and/or legally privileged. If you are not the  
> intended recipient you must not read, print, copy, disseminate or  
> use the communication for any purpose and should notify the author  
> by return e-mail. While amazonails uses Virus Checking software, it  
> is strongly recommended that you carry out your own virus check as  
> we cannot accept liability for loss or damage which may result  
> directly or indirectly from this communication, any attachments or  
> hyperlinks. amazonails reserves the right to monitor and record e- 
> mails addressed to amazonails.org.uk.
> Any information we hold will be used solely for the use intended. We  
> do not pass any information on to third parties.
> amazonails is a not-for-profit social enterprise, registered as an  
> Industrial and Provident Society No. IPS 29128R.
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