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Rikki Nitzkin Dom Oct 7 16:10:18 CEST 2007

Para los que entendeís inglés, esta es un correo sobre un registro
internacional de casas de paja...si alguien quiere añadir sus casas está muy

Rikki Nitzkin
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De: Joyce Coppinger [mailto:jc10508 , alltel.net] 
Enviado el: domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007 22:14
Para: Rikki Nitzkin
Asunto: International Straw Bale Registry

As of September 30, 2007, there are 1,315 entries in the International Straw
Bale Registry (http://sbregistry.greenbuilder.com). That's a good start, but
we now there are many other buildings around the world that could be listed.
So we're asking your help in entering your own straw-bale building(s) and
spreading the word to suggest that others list their building(s), too.

Greenbuilder.com, The Last Straw Journal, The Straw Bale Association of
Texas, and the Development Center for Appropriate Technology, along with a
number of regional strawbale organizations, are working together to build a
database of buildings constructed using straw bale.

The aggregate numbers will be useful in such things as lobbying insurance
companies, mortgage companies, building officials, and others, and will also
be useful in further popularizing SB to the general public worldwide. The
Registry will also act as a contact list for future research and performance
testing. There are also databases for mortgage lenders and insurance
companies (primarily in the U.S. and Canada)

Your listing can be held as private information or shared with the general
public. Your building can be listed as available open to the public for
visits or remain private. That's up to you!

There are 597 listings for China, 543 for the entire United States. 68 in

By Country:
Argentina 2,  Australia 26, Belarus 1, Belgium 1, Canada 68, Chile 4, China
597, Croatia 1, Czech Republic 1, Denmark 2, Ecuador 1, England 1, Estonia
1, France 13, Germany 1, Greece 1, Guatemala 1, Hungary 2, India 1, Ireland
2, Israel 2, Japan 2, Korea 2, Mexico 14, Mongolia 1, Netherlands 2, Neutral
Zone 1, New Zealand 4, Norway 1, Peru 1,South Africa 6, Spain 4, Sweden
2, Switzerland 1, United States 543, United States Minor Outlying Islands
1, Uruguay 1,Yugoslavia 1, Zambia 1.

By State:
Alabama 2, Alaska 2, Arkansas 4, Arizona 45, California 97, Colorado 60,
Connecticut 1, Florida 2,  Georgia 3, Iowa 3, Idaho 12, Illinois 3, Indiana
2, Kentucky 2, Kansas 11, Louisiana 1, Massachusetts 4, Maryland 6, Maine 3,
Michigan 6, Minnesota 5, Missouri 6, Mississippi 1, Montana 12, Nebraska
7, New Hampshire 10, New Mexico 28, Nevada 6, New York 15, North Carolina 7,
Ohio 10, Oklahoma 8, Oregon 13, Pennsylvania 12, South Carolina 2, South
Dakota 2, Tennessee 7, Texas 46, Utah 6, Virginia 5, Vermont 11, Washington
20, Wisconsin 6, West Virginia 3, Wyoming 3

By Canadian Province:
Alberta 9, British Columbia 10, Manitoba 7, New Brunswick 2, Nova Scotia 3,
Ontario 14, Prince Edward Island 1, Quebec 2, Saskatchewan 2

Let's start a friendly competition and see if we can get the numbers up and
the Registry showing a more complete count of straw-bale buildings
worldwide. It will help to promote and expand the use of strawbale and
natural building around the globe!


Joyce Coppinger, Managing Editor
The Last Straw journal
GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE 68542-2706 USA
402.483.5135, fax 402.483.5161
<thelaststraw , thelaststraw.org>

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