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Rikki Nitzkin rikkinitzkin en earthlink.net
Vie Jun 30 13:56:14 CEST 2006

Hola todos, 

Se está ofreciendo un curso de Revocos de Tierra y construcción con tierra
con un equipo inglés/alemán/francés en Alemania (enseńado en Inglés) a
finales de Julio.  si podeís aprovechar es buena oportunidad.  

Abajo está la información en Inglés, como si no lo entiendes igual mejor no

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Under the European project "Leonardo" several organisations have grouped
toghether to make a training (for trainers) on earthen plaster. I don't have
all the détails (yet) on what matérial is/will be available (cd-rom/dvd) but
I'll keep you posted.

For now: a 3 day training (english/german/french) is planned (in Germany)
27th - 29th 2006 and some workshop participants from abroad can have free
places. (too bad I can't go)

Below you find the copied and pasted info:



Am Bahnhof 2
D - 19395 Ganzlin
Tel.: +49 (0)38737 – 20207
Fax: +49 (0)38737 – 20117
Email: info en fal-ev.de
New Educational Approach in Vocational Training
Workshop for Trainers in Earth Building
July 27th - 29th 2006
The educational approach is essentially interactive
and heuristic: teachers and students are
“collaborators”, with students learning through
discovery and experience.
This was the guiding principle in developing the pedagogical materials for
vocational training
course "Clay Plaster”. The training unit, which has been worked out by an
European expert team
within the EU-Project (Leonardo da Vinci) “Clay Plaster” aims to encourage
trainees to gain a
fundamental understanding of Earth Building. In experimental and discovery
sessions trainees
are comparing and examining different aspects of earth as a building
This workshop will offer practical experience with this new pedagogical
for trainers and
aims to promote the exchange of trainers in Earth Building. A French-German
will introduce
the pedagogical concept of the Leonardo da Vinci Project Clay Plaster on
and in practical
The objective of the meeting is to increase the co-operation and exchange of
educational institutions and trainers in the Earth Building sector.
Preliminary Programme
Thursday, 27 July
10.00 h Registration
10.15 – 10.30 h Opening and introduction,
Uta Herz, FAL e.V.
10.30 – 11.15 h Trainers’ presentations
short reports on their training experience in Earth Building
11.15 – 11.30 h coffee break
11,30 – 12,45 h Presentation of the pedagogical approach of the vocational
unit “Clay Plaster“
Irmela Fromme, Lehmbaukontor Berlin Brandenburg
Lydie Didier, CRATerre EAG, Grenoble
13.00 – 14.00 h Lunch
14:30 – 18:00 h Practical Workshop – Exchange good training practise I
session module 1: Basic Knowledge and Skill Development – Clay Plaster
Lydie Didier, CRATerre-ENSAG, Grenoble,
Burkard Rüger, Lehmbaukontor Berlin Brandenburg
Seminar: Trainer Exchange 2006 18.06.2006
19.00 h Supper in the Café Wangeliner Garten
Educational film "Les enduits En Terre" (Clay Plaster) by Le Gabion.
Open space for contacts and discussions
Friday, 28. July
9.30 – 10.15 h Pedagogical material for vocational training in Earth
Building in
developing countries
Herbert Mathissen, Misereor, Aachen
10.15 – 11.15 h Evaluation the Practical Workshop I
11,15 – 11.30 h Coffee break
11.30 – 12.30 h Presentation of the CD-ROM "Training Unit Clay Plaster”
13.00 – 14.00 h Lunch
14.00 – 18.00 h Practical Workshop – Exchange good training practise II
Practical session of Module 2: Design – Clay Plaster
Lydie Didier, CRATerre-ENSAG, Grenoble
Irmela Fromme, Lehmbaukontor Berlin Brandenburg
19.00 Supper
20.00 Vernisage Photo exhibition “Problems of the restoration and
of traditional Pisé buildings in France”, introductory speech by Lydie
diplDSA terre, Grenoble
Lehmmuseum Gnevsdorf ( Earthbuilding Museum in Gnevsdorf)
Saturday, 29.Juli
10.00 – 11.15 h Evaluation the Practical Workshop I
Group work to evaluate the practical workshops
11.15 – 11.30 h Coffee break
11.30 – 12.30 h General Conclusions
Languages: English, German and French (subsequent translations on request)
Written training materials will be available in Bulgarian, German, English,
French, Greek and Polish language.
Place: FAL e.V. ,Am Bahnhof 2,
D -19395 Ganzlin, Mecklenburg –Vorpommern
Fees: 240 EUR
Fees includs printed handouts + CD “Training Course Clay Plaster"
In house certificate, food ( no accommodation!)
Accommodation: Guesthouse Hinzpeter, situated opposite the workshop building
Tel: 0049/038737/20229 ,25 EUR for double room, 29 EUR for single room
. or book via
Land&Seen Touristik GmbH, http://www.info plau.de, Tel: +49 38735 45678
email: info en info plau.de
What to bring: If possible, bring your own typical country specific
Registration: Please register latest by July 10th 2006 !
Contact and Information: Uta Herz,
Tel.: +49 (0)30 4171 6601
Email: utaherz en t-online.de
Seminar: Trainer Exchange 2006 18.06.2006
Please return latest by July 10th 2006!
FAL e.V.
Am Bahnhof 2
D -19395 Ganzlin
Fax : +49 - 38737-20117
New educational approach in vocational training
Workshop for trainers in Earth Building
Time: July 27th 10 h – July 29th. 2006 12 h
Fee including food 240 EUR
Veranstalter und Ort: FAL e.V., Am Bahnhof 1, D -19395 Ganzlin,
Tel: +49/38737/20207
Conditions for registration: On registration we will confirm and send a
The the balance is not
payed when due, we reserve the right to offer the place to another. We
we will make the following cancellation charges: More than 4 weeks before
course repayment while retaining a lump sum of 12 EUR. More than 2 weeks
before the course half the fee is forfeit, less than 2 weeks before the
the full
fee is forfeit. FAL e.V. reserves the right to cancel any courses. Should
necessary, fees will be returned in full. FAL e.V. also reserves the right
the published programme.
Health and Safety : The wearing of your own personal protective equipment is
Hereby I register for the workshop:
New educational approach in vocational training
Workshop for trainers in Earth Building
Name, Surname:
Street, No.:
Postal code, town, country:
Tel./Fax Email
I choose the CD in the following language version
�� Bulgarian- English
�� German - English
�� French - English
�� Greek
�� Polish -English
I have read and agreed to the conditions of registration.
Date, Signed by :
Seminar: Trainer Exchange 2006 18.06.2006
Am Bahnhof 2,
D - 19395 Ganzlin
Tel.: 0049 38737 20207
By car
Motorway No. A 24: leave at Meyenburg
Motorway No. A 19: leave at Röbel
By railway
train stations nearby: Meyenburg or Lübz
..On request, we will pick you up at the train station in Meyenburg
..Train information see http://www.bahn.de
Am Bahnhof 1
D - 19395 Ganzlin
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