[Paja] basement floor from balas

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Dom Dic 18 22:57:45 CET 2005


I want to construct a strawbale floor and so that it gets hard put on the layer of bales lime mixed with water.

This lime-milk should fill entirely the bale layer to mineralize (?) it. Below the bales there'll be little stones (gravel ?, grava in 

Spanish) and then a transpirable/ breathing (?) plastic . This plastic should make sure that no lime milk passes to

the layer of little stones. What kind of lime would be best or good enough? Cal viva,in Spanish, lime that gets hot 

when putting into water, should be a possibility to mineralize the bales; pouring this milk recently made and so 

still hot. As this kind of lime normally isn't used for the ground / foundation because when getting wet it gets soft,

but on the other hand it's not very probable that moisture risis through a 15cm layer of gravel.

thanks for answering!

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