[Paja]FW: construcción en Valencia, information wanted

rikki nitzkin
Mon, 18 Apr 2005 10:59:21 +0000

Hola todos, ¿hay alguien que puede ayudar a esta gente?  Lo traduceré pronto 
para los que no entendeís inglés, pero es de gente que quieren hacer 3 casas 
de paja en la zona de valencia, y que necesitan ayuda para tramitar los 
paplel y planear la obra (valentina? Maren?) . . .

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From: "ben albu" <benAalbu.be>
To: <rnitzkinAhotmail.com>
Subject: information wanted
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:07:36 +0200

Dear Rikki,

I called my brother today. Today he went looking again for a building place, 
close to Valencia.
I give you a short overview of what we are planning to realize, and what we 
Afterwards you can translate + publish this on the website, and eventually 
forward it to the right people !?

Base Idea :

Construction of a strawbale building (3 volumes of +- 80 square meters) for 
2 physiotherapists.
Shape : U
One volume for working, one for living, and one for multiple functions.
To reduce costs (??) we opt for a loadbearing construction (less wood)

Needed :

More information on building with straw in the region of Valencia 
(formalities + "paperwork") ---> if this is necessary.
An architect in that region (if possible) who is familiar with strawbale 
A strawbale consultant who can guide us before and/or during the building 
Financial information (banks who are familiar with this kind of building), 
information about loans in the region of Valencia.
Everything we will still need, but forgot :-)

Rikki, thanks a lot for your help!

We hope to hear from you soon.


Ben (Belgium), David y Laura (Valencia)