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This upcoming workshop may be of interest.....

>Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 11:49:55 -0700
>Dear Sirs,
>I am writing to inform you of seminars about building Earthships 
>(<http://www.earthship.org>www.earthship.org) which will be taking place in 
>april in Spain.  Below is the relevant information.  Pelase feel free to 
>contact us through this email address or directly to SSA on their website.
>Best regards
>Earthship Seminars in Spain!
>Session 1: April 8-10
>Session 2: April 12-14
>Earthship Biotecture has been hosting seminars in Taos, New Mexico for
>over 15 years.  For the first time we will be offering Earthship
>Seminars internationally.  This spring Earthship creator Michael
>Reynolds will bring an expert team from our headquarters to Valencia,
>Spain for two three day seminars.  Seminar attendees will learn
>hands-on Earthship building techniques like tire pounding and can
>laying on an owner-built Earthship project.  Lectures and slide shows
>will be held in English and Spanish and will cover passive solar
>heating, thermal mass construction, natural cooling and ventilation
>techniques, active solar power and wind systems, use of natural and
>recycled materials, rainwater catchment, integrated water reuse
>systems, gray and black water botanical cells and the history and
>development of the Earthship structure and systems.  All the different
>types of Earthship designs will be explained and a round table
>discussion with the Earthship design/build team will be held.
>Three day Earthship seminar fee: $500 per person.  (payable in full by
>March 15, 2004)
>Next step: Sign up for the seminar by booking on the online Earthship
>Market.  $100 refundable per person deposit.  Pay in full before
>February 14, 2004  and receive a $50 per person discount.

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