[Eb]intro, foils on windows, etc.

Jan Hollan
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 16:19:58 +0100 (CET)

Dear volunteers,

following my lecture in Bratislava last month, I decided to open another
www-mailinglist on energy fluxes in buildings, but this time in English
rather than in Czech. It's for your purposes, but it should remain public
in the same time, so that any interested people could use the information
or take part in the discussion. I hope that Riso Filcak will administer
the list, I feel some obligation to answer the questions sent there.

I wrote a short text today, on draft-proofing the windows and on adding
transparent foils to them. The reason has been, that I made a digital
photo of one window in our house (Veronica bought a simple camera of that
kind some days ago), where these measures are implemented some years
already, and without a commentary it would not be very informative.
The text is in a brand new directory
   Linkname: Index of /pub/hollan/e_papers/houses
        URL: http://astro.sci.muni.cz/pub/hollan/e_papers/houses/
 as win_adap.html.  

The list itself resides on 
  http://amper.ped.muni.cz ,
 its shortest direct address is 
 or (an alternative archive, tolerating attachments, but updated just

I have limited initially the maximum mail size to 12 KB (Riso can change
it) -- it helps against spams, and poses some obstacle to attachments,
esp. to the M$word ones which tend to be large. The best way of sending
information would be just including the URLs (http addresses) of those
parts of the message, which cannot be included directly in the body of
your mail. If you have really no place where to put such files, I can do
it on amper, but only if you send them to me, not to the list.

Occasional attachment (say, of a html kind) spoils the corresponding
item of the standard pipermail archive -- if it happens already, an
alternative archive made by mhonarc can be employed instead.

with best regards,