[Darksky] Slovene Light Pollution Law ADOPTED

Jan Hollan Sat Sep 1 20:30:23 CEST 2007

With some delay, I'm forwarding a breakthrough message by Andrej as
written in Thursday. The news is not so fresh anymore, but the press
release is still worth translating. Or another press release, based on the
Slovenian one, is worth writing today, to reflect local situation and to
add something new.

I made a directory with pdf files taken from the Dark Sky Slovenia site
www.temnonebo.org, using English captions (the file names are just

The Czech News Agency (CTK) issued the information this noon (using quite
a lot of the original text), adding that in Czech law this kind of
pollution is mentioned, but that it has hardly any consequences. Seems
that many Czech media published the news.

Bravo Slovenia!


Dear All

Dark Sky Slovenia by using endless negotiations got 99% of all our
requests to be put into our law. In the past we were many times in a
terrible situation, but be jumped over all obstacles.  We spent 12

...I would invite you to translate attached text to your local
language. This will for sure help your to achieve your goals.

1.) Please send attached Press Release to all LARGEST NEWSPAPERS IN YOUR
COUNTRY, this may be of great help for your country.
2.) Please send attached press release to press agencies or to your national
press agency.
3.) Please send attached press release to your ministries.

Most of EU countries are in much higher development stage than Slovenia and
Slovenia is the FIRST EU state with a SERIOUS light pollution law (similar
to the best Lombardy law) which covers complete state.

If Slovenia can do it why do we wait with LP law in UK, D, A, NL, B, F, E,
CH, etc. ???

Please send attached press released to your largest newspaper TODAY - it is
fresh news, and just fresh news is important new (and let us know if a very
important message is published)

Today is a holiday for Dark Sky Slovenia and I hope a milestone for
countries waiting on light pollution law in EU.

I would like to thank to all of you who helped us with moral or with
technical support.

Best regards

Andrej Mohar

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