[Darksky]Re: about the pictures (fwd)

Marko Pekkola
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:09:11 +0300 (EEST)

Hi everybody, dear comrades

> Marko wrote me from Finland this morning they will use some of the
> pictures we made yesterday and that they'd like to pay for them. This
> way the pictures would become not free to use. Another will remain free,
> which ones, it will be apparent tomorrow perhaps.

Dear folks, we have no claim what-so-ever to the copyrights. We would just
like to honour the photographer he helped us in a tough spot in really
hasty timetable by paying from the trouble: we donīt think of actually
buying anything to be "owned". We are just happy if you use the same or
what-ever pictures for any purposes that are dear to us ALL, particularly
of course to fight against light pollution.

> I feel a bit uneasy that pictures of me should be used. Fortunately, the
> Brno lighting utility borrowed me the single Victor lamp from Thorn they
> had not installed (a damaged one, to be replaced by Thorn by a new one).
> For another lamps, they have usually some more pieces in stock, as they
> are mounted on poles and can be destroyed by lorries. Victors are mounted
> on strings only and are considered to be not endangered, so no single one
> is to be bought just for a future replacement -- nice, isn't it?

I think I havenīt really understood what EXACTLY is going on in you land
regarding THE LIGHTS themselves. I understand both from our assistent
editorīs interview as well as from Ron Baalkeīs Nasa news mails that
lights directed ABOVE the horizon are now forbidden. What am I missing
here? The talk about specific lamp types above seem quite hebrew.

The news mail did let assume that the light pollution above Brno HAS
ALREADY IMMENSELY IMPROVED or something like that. Is this true? How is it
possible? Did already one entire city actually drop its level of outdoor
lighting. That would be a dream.


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